Churchill Meadows
Zoning:  A-1
Acres:  319.366
TM 18-40, 18-41, 18-42, 18-43A, and 18-44

Churchill Meadows is located approximately 5 miles off of I-95, fronting on Joshua Road.  Churchill Meadows is split between its eastern and western halves.  In the former, a conservation easement through Virginia Outdoors Foundation protects the land from significant development, but allows for two tracts (shown on right) for single family or agricultural use.  The western tract remains unencumbered and is suitable under existing by-right conditions for approximately 20 3-acre lots by simple extensions of the existing cul-de-sacs on the southern border of the property.  The attached layout shows a conceptual preliminary plan.

The western tract (unencumbered, TM 18-43A) consists of approximately 118 acres.  The eastern (shaded) parcels are currently undergoing final boundary line adjustments to form the two shown parcels (tentatively TM 18-41 and 18-40) under the terms of the conservation easement.  The two shaded parcels are approximately 100.8 acres each.  Click here to learn more about the conservation easement.
Mark Bowman,
Dec 21, 2011, 11:44 AM